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Area state handling in smart buildings. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250189D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-09
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TITLE: Area state handling in smart buildings Abstract:

Area state handling in smart buildings


Nowadays, we are living in the world where information is the most valuable thing. Users want to get as much information as possible including raw and analyzed data. Sometimes, they want to get a notification when the current state is not desired. Current smart home solutions do not provide information what the state of a given place is. Based on the learning possibilities of neural network or pre-defined exchangeable states, we can propose a system of handling simple area state based on Decision Support Systems (DSS). Summary: Automatic detection of area type and related "states", like: kitchen -> [cooking, unused, flooded, too humid, on fire] The core of the proposal is: 1) Use data from sensors to deduce individual areas in monitored space (e.g. house/office/warehouse/parking lot) 2) Classify each area to one of the predefined classes (e.g. kitchen/open space) OR request area to be manually described (either by manual classification or by creating a new area type) 3) Provide customized per area type set of alerts/notifications and actions (they still can and quite likely should be customized) After relatively short period of time when the system deduce the areas and their type any smart building system can reach good accuracy, reducing the otherwise lengthy and frustrating learning phase (this may work as smart templates - one floor is similar to others etc.). Description: One should first unders...