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Low Density Air Conditioning Insulation Sponge Compound Development with Metallocene EPDM Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250193D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-09
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Rubber Industries in the region, have shown interest, to develop very low density" Aircon Insulation sponge" compound. Most of the Asian countries are climatically hot and humid. Hence the demand for "Air Conditioning" system is going up in commercial, residential as well as industrial buildings. The typical central air conditioning system requires long pipes to run through the building from the compressor to the final location requiring cooling. This necessitates use of protection of pipe from external ambience and to keep the inside air cool. The air con insulation hoses are normally made from Natural Rubber or other synthetic rubber. Natural rubber hoses have shorter life cycles and need frequent replacement. Hence now-a-days, when the price gap between natural rubber and EPDM rubber has reduced, Industry is looking for EPDM as polymer of choice. Generally the aircon pipes are above the ceiling and, once laid, no one would like to replace it at regular intervals.

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Low Density Air Conditioning Insulation Sponge Compound Development with Metallocene EPDM



1. Introduction 3

2. Objective 3

3. Methodology 3

4. Development Progress 4

5. Formulation and Process changes 5

6. Results 7 7. Duplication 7




Rubber Industries in the region, have shown interest, to develop very low density” Aircon 

Insulation sponge” compound. Most of the Asian countries are climatically hot and humid. 

Hence the demand for “Air Conditioning” system is going up in commercial, residential as well 

as industrial buildings.  The typical central air conditioning system requires long pipes to run 

through the building from the compressor to the final location requiring cooling. This 

necessitates use of protection of pipe from external ambience and to keep the inside air cool. 

The air con insulation hoses are normally made from Natural Rubber or other synthetic rubber.  

Natural rubber hoses have shorter life cycles and need frequent replacement. Hence now‐a‐

days, when the price gap between natural rubber and EPDM rubber has reduced, Industry is 

looking for EPDM as polymer of choice. Generally the aircon pipes are above the ceiling and, 

once laid, no one would like to replace it at regular intervals.  

Requirements for synthetic rubber employed in such applications are therefore: 

- Longer Service life.  (...