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Epoxy Partitioning using Advanced EHD & Piezo pump Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250210D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-12
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Epoxy Partitioning using Advanced EHD & Piezo pump


The EHD (Electro Hydro Dynamic) and Piezo Pump dispensing methods as shown in

respective Figure 1A and Figure 1B are proposed to improve the compartment shield gap

filling of EMI shield packaging through this invention. The objective is to resolve the

incomplete gap filling of conductive material into the fine trench within package as a

formation of compartment shield structure, for the notion to restrict EMI generated from


Proposed Methods

Figure 1A: EHD dispensing method

Figure 1B: Piezo Pump dispensing method


The process to form compartment shield structure is initiated with a fine trench performed in

between two devices through the molded package top surface till substrate top surface by

laser as presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Laser trench

Epoxy Partitioning using Advanced EHD & Piezo pump

The illustration of EHD dispensing method in Figure 3A shows the conductive material is

filled into the fine trench via EHD nozzle to complete a compartment shield structure. It is

employing electric field between nozzle and carrier, and then discharging droplets through

the variation of voltage.

Figure 3A: EHD Dispensing

Figure 3B exhibits an alternative mechanism using Piezo pump to enforce the magnitude of

conductive material filling up the fine trench for compartment formation.

Figure 3B: Piezo Pump Filling

The EMI sputtering process is proceeded to enclose the entire package with EMI shield layer...