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Row Crop Guess Row Guidance System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250227D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-13
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Title: Row Crop Guess Row Guidance System

Field of the Publication: This publication relates to a method to assess the position of row crop plant rows to guide a

combine to the correct rows, or the “the guess row,” when opening harvest patterns to avoid ending up with missing or extra rows at the end of the pattern.

The publication describes corn as the harvested crop; however it has potential applicability in other row crops like soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, cotton, sorghum and other circumstances where it is desired to harvest so as to minimize the number of field passes while opening up a pattern that will allow the operator to unload harvested crop during a harvesting pass.

Background: A common practice when harvesting corn is to perform a harvesting pass in the middle of the

field so that the auger in the combine can always unload to an accompanying wagon during harvesting passes. The problem when opening new rows is that there is a need to count exactly where to start the pattern to avoid missing or extra rows at the end of the pattern. FIG. 1 shows a common pattern used when harvesting corn.

In FIG. 1, the left portion of the figure shows a top view of multiple guess row pattern; the right part shows a partial view of the left part. For the combine, red lines go north, green lines go south as indicated by the arrows in the zoomed in box. This guess row pattern consists of five passes: three going north and two going south. The auger is to the left of the combine which allows the equipment to unload while harvesting except in the first pass going north that unloads at the end of the pass because there is no room for the tractor and unloading wagon to come close to the combine in the first pass.

Previously, differences in row spacing could be used as visual indicators of the guess row. As corn planters have become more accurate at placing seeds at even distances between rows throughout the field, it is no longer that easy to guess the guess row. A system that can guide the operator to the correct location for the first harvesting pass would improve the efficiency of the whole harvest operation.

Description: The system incorporate at least one of two concepts. In the first concept, the system will determine the total number of rows to be harvested and the

position of the combine. The system will guide the combine to the correct set of rows for the first harvesting pass given an actual position of the machine or a chosen position in the field.

In the second concept, if the system cannot learn the total number of rows to be harvested, it can instead start counting rows relative to a given position by distance computation and optical sensors. The system can then determine an appropriate first harvesting pass to ensure it is an appropriate multiple of the number of rows the combine harvests in a pass (e.g., multiple of 8, multiple of 16) and guide the equipment to the correct starting position.

In addition, the system could accommodate multip...