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Compartment Shielding Using Module in Module (MIM) Construction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250233D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-15
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Compartment Shielding Using Module in Module (MIM) Construction


Conventional concept of compartment shielding shows in Figure 1A is resorting to the metal

wall for shielding effect between or among devices. However, the formation of metal wall is

rather formidable. This invention proposed the module in module (MIM) construction to

achieve the shielding impact in easier manner, whereby an isolated EMI (Electromagnetic

Interference) shielded device module is primarily mounted in another EMI shielded device

module as shown in Figure 1B.

Conventional Design

Figure 1A: Compartment shielding by metal wall formation

Invention Design

Figure 1B: Module in Module compartment shielding


The verified processes can be employed for this invention as in general. The metal filling and

wall formation steps are eliminated, thus, has contributed to a relatively simpler process and

lower in cost for new disclosure as illustrated below.

A layer of PI tape is adhered to the lead frame metal given in Figure 2A. The primary device

module consists of main IC (integrated circuit) chip and passive components are attached

onto the PI (Polyimide) tape through the SMT (surface mount technology) process. Next, the

EMI shield material is applied on the PI tape to form as bottom surface of the primary device,

following with MUF (mold underfill) process to encapsulate the chip and components as

presented in Figure 2C.

Compartment Shielding Using Module in Module (MIM) Construction

Figure 2A: PI Tape and Lead Frame Metal Attach

Figure 2B: First SMT

Figure 2C: First MUF

In Figure 2D, the PI tape and leadframe metal are disposed off to expose the bottom surface...