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Compartment Shielding Using Metal Plate

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250236D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-15
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Compartment Shielding Using Metal Plate


The conventional compartment shield depicted in Figure 1 is the conductive material that

filled in a trench, whereby the trench is formed by laser through the encapsulation material.

The conductive material is limited to solder or silver paste, and its electromagnetic shielding

performance is comparatively inferior to that of the new invention using metal plate as a

compartment shield as shown in Figure 2.

The new invention proposed using organic or inorganic materials as given in Figure 3, which

including metal, metal oxides, and others with conductive characteristics. The metal plate can

be designed to form in various kinds of shape, namely “I”,” V”,” T”, or other shapes

according to the required shielding performance. The Figure 4 exhibited respective “V” and

“I” shape as examples.

Prior Arts

Figure 1: Conductive material as compartment shield

Invention Design

Figure 2: Metal plate as compartment shield

Figure 3: Metal Plate Material using Organic or Inorganic Type

Compartment Shielding Using Metal Plate

Figure 4: Variable of Shape Designs such as “V” &” I” for examples