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Cost-Effective Material Handling Tool

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250262D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-20
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Disclosed is a design for a cost-effective material handling tool.

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Cost-Effective Material Handling ToolDisclosed is a design for a cost-effective material handling tool.

Currently, to assemble the thermal interface material (TIM) to the module either on the original

assembly line or as an upgrade process in an installed system, the assembler must use a pair of non-

conductive "tweezers". This tool is bought from an external supplier at a cost of US $37.60 each. In field

upgrade situations, the customer engineer may dispose of this tool after usage, since the tool will be

required in every field upgrade module kit and in field service module replacement kits. The estimated

cost for this new tool design is between $2.50 and $3.00. The disclosed design works the same way as

the original, without having to be modified (removing the two protrusions from the blade surface), at a

greatly reduced cost.

The disclosed tool is used to pick up a laminar piece of carbon thermal interface material. The material

is subsequently installed on top of a large grid array module in a computer subsystem. The material

ensures an efficient thermal contact area between the module and the heatsink, which is attached to

the top of the TIM. This tool consists of two identical plastic parts, snapped together without the use of

adhesives, threaded fasteners, tooling, fixturing, or any other secondary manufacturing processes. The

parts, when assembled, are staggered front to back, in relationship to each other. This allows the

bottom blade to be slid under the TIM and...