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Method or apparatus to avoid intersection jamming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250264D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-20
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Helping drivers or autopilots keeping the pathway clear and avoid traffic jamming.

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TITLE: Method or apparatus to avoid intersection jamming


With high traffic on the roads you will always see situations where you get in a queue of cars. This is

cumbersome but often unavoidable. What happens in such a situation is that you get at the end of such a

line of cars and you block a crossroad, an intersection, an exit or any other drive way. Blocking another

road will hinder the other traffic floating around. The idea behind this invention is to keep the pathway

clear and keep the traffic floating as much as possible.


A method or system which allows a vehicle to determine if it can enter the area ahead without blocking

other traffic. It works like a virtual traffic light. The method is focused on the current traffic situation right in

sight of a driver and not on the traffic at a larger area.


In todays vehicles we have a number of technologies that are able to foresee the surrounding area or

situation next to it. This technologies are distance meters, cameras, LIDAR/RADAR systems and also

GPS and connected vehicles. But besides these technologies there are also other components that can

be used to determine what a vehicle driver is about to do. This includes advanced ones like a navigation

system that knows the current destination and with that the possible road ahead but also simpler

technologies like the turn signal to determine a possible turn.

With all the above technologies or a subset and common ones like the speed indicator a vehicle is able to

determine several surrounding parameters like its own speed and location and a (possible) destination. It

also can detect and determine the speed and position of vehicles in the driving range and how the current

and upcoming road layout looks like. With that parameters the method is able to determine if the path

ahead is clear to enter or not, giving fe...