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Ultra Thin Profile Interposer PoP Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250266D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-21
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Ultra Thin Profile Interposer PoP


The Ultra Low Profile 3D PoP (Package on Package) IC package attributed high performance

and stable mechanical stress distribution for overall package structure to the ultra low profile

of interposer PWB (Printed Wiring Board) with carrier material. The carrier can be easily

removed or thinned by chemical etching or mechanical laser ablation, while the top interposer

contact pads can be formed through photoresist patterning, chemical etching or laser ablation.

The bottom surface of interposer is featured with metal interconnection pillars as depicted in

Figure 1A, or planarity of pillarless metal pads as given in Figure 1B.

Proposed Inventions

Figure 1A: Interposer PWB with Cu Pillar

Figure 1B: Interposer PWB with Metal Pads (Pillarless)


This disclosure has proposed the ultra low profile Interposer PoP, by having interposer PWB

as intermediate structure. The interposer top contact pads are connected to the top package,

while the bottom side of interposer is conductively attached with the bottom package PWB

by solder material.

Figure 2A shows the interposer PWB of full-length Cu pillar is interconnected with the

pillarless bottom package PWB, whereas the top package is attached on top of interposer

PWB in PoP integration.

Figure 2A: Interposer PWB of full-length Cu Pillar interconnected with ball pad of bottom package PWB

Ultra Thin Profile Interposer PoP

Figure 2B depicts the interposer PWB with metal pads, which is pi...