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Routable Quad Flat Package Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250273D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-21
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Routable Quad Flat Package


This invention is disclosing the Routable Quad Flat package, which has routable conductive

traces with exposed leads on the bottom of package for the enhancements in thermal and

electrical performance. Design with additional single or multiple die paddles is optional for

the further enhancement of thermal performance. The leads and paddle possess the

characteristic of land size on top is wider than bottom to prevent the leads or paddle from

extraction during the SMT Rework Process.

With this invention, the solder wettable plating on bottom of leads and paddle for wire bond

package type denoted as soldering material layer in Figure 1A is introduced after mold

process to provide sufficient stand off to enhance SMT yield and board level reliability

performance. The additional stand off by Cu plating as extension layer on the bottom of leads

and die paddle of the substrate in Figure 1B is to complement the overall improvement.

Likewise, the concept is also applicable to the Flip Chip type as given in Figure 1C.

Proposed Inventions

Figure 1A: Routable Quad Flat Package (Wire Bond Type)

Figure 1B: Routable Quad Flat Package, High Stand-off (Wire Bond Type)

Figure 1C: Routable Quad Flat Package (Flip Chip Type)

Routable Quad Flat Package


The gist processes to fabricate the Routable Quad Flat substrate are illustrated from Figures

2A to 2F. The formation of metal layer for lead and die paddle by plating process is

especially critical...