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IOT System to recover, store and distribute residual heat and other forms of energy from automobiles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250307D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-26
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IOT System to Recover, Store, and Distribute Residual Heat and Other Forms of Energy from Automobiles Abstract Disclosed is an Internet of Things (IOT) system that leverages the residual energy from a vehicle and reallocates the energy in the form of heat or other benefit that is distributed on command via an IOT system. Additional energy sources like wind and solar power can be leveraged via this system. The novel idea is to use various energy sources (external and internal) in a car to provide heat to its occupants. The energy sources derive power from the engine, exhaust, radiator, sun, and wind. The system stores all the generated heat and energy in different reservoirs, primarily via thermal liquid and batteries. The system distributes the saved energy (e.g., doses of the heat) at controlled intervals as commanded by Internet of Things (IOT) devices. For example, the system can apply the energy during set times to warm a vehicle in cold climates prior to the operator entering the vehicle. IOT devices remotely provide climate control advantages to the vehicle operator during dormant non-driving periods and do not use the heat at once. The system distributes the heat for a defined period that can be preselected or automatically calculated. The system uses an IOT thermal control system to calculate and automatically dose the thermal liquid and battery charge. It uses IOT technology to take into account the following parameters for calculations:

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