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Industrial Printer Cutter Catch Tray Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250339D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-29
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The assembly comprising the base plate supports the edge guide such that the edge guide is parallel to the guide walls and at least one catcher piece is secured to the base plate between the edge guide and a guide wall, forming a catch plane defined between the edge guide, a guide wall, the head of the base plate, and at least one edge guide. The catcher piece is arranged to form an acute angle with the catch plane such that the catch plane is adapted to receive printed media after it is ejected from the printer.

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Industrial Printer Cutter Catch Tray

For industrial thermal label printers, a cutter can be installed to cut individual tags or labels after

printing for instant application by a user. By installing a catch tray to the front of the printer, the labels

can be automatically caught and stacked.

An issue that can arise from a front installed catch tray is that the tray may be used for a wide

range of label sizes. Past catch trays have attempted to fix this issue through the use of thumb screws

extending through a base plate that would allow an edge guide to adjust horizontally for variable label

thickness. However this solution comes with its own issues. The thumb screws require set holes within

the catch tray. These holes can both limit the position options of the edge guide and cause the falling

labels to catch on the edge and cause a backup.

The printer cutter catch-tray assembly comprises a base plate having a length extending from a

head to a foot of the base plate and two guide walls orthogonal to the base plate, running parallel with the

length and extending upward from the sides. The base plate is made of a ferrous metal.

The assembly includes an edge guide having a flat portion comprising at least one connector

mounted along the side capable of securing the edge guide substantially orthogonally to the base plate.

The connector maybe a magnetic connector that allows for magnetically securing the edge guide to the

base plate.

The assembly includes at least one catcher pie...