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Intelligent Appliance Analysis and Notification for Anticipated Activity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250355D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-05
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Disclosed is a device that works with a household appliance to detect when a user fails to perform one step in a sequence that is needed to execute an activity with an appliance. When the system detects an omitted step, it automatically sends an alert to the user/owner, prompting the user to complete the necessary action.

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Intelligent Appliance analysis and notification for anticipated activity

Sometimes, a user begins a task using a household appliance, but forgets to complete the task. For example, a user might load the dishwasher and fill the detergent compartment, but then forget to start the dishwasher after closing the door; a user might put coffee and water in a coffee maker, but walk away without pushing the button to start brewing. When the user later returns, the dishes are still dirty and the coffee is not prepared.

A function is needed for appliances that emits an alert when a user begins a task but does not completed all the steps needed to execute it.

A smart device or smart appliance can maintain a status of its operation, but typically does not use associated sensors to work within the Internet of Things and connected devices to prevent mistakes in user operation.

The novel contribution is a device that monitors a sensor that detects the steps of an activity within a given period. The activity requires the user to perform a series of steps, usually within a certain period of succession, which the device learns over a period of usage. When the device detects that a necessary step is lacking within the expected time frame, it sends a reminder notification to the user's personal device or emits an audio notification (e.g., audible beep) to remind the user to perform the next step to complete the activity.

In an example embodiment, the solution follows these steps: 1. Dishwasher...