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System and Method for Automated Cloud Backup Distribution

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250428D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-13
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System and Method for Automated Cloud Backup Distribution


Disclosed are a system and associated methods that individually perform automated, dynamic distribution of backups for data sets according to geographic preferences including enablement of disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, restriction to certain geographies due to company policies, and required backup features. This approach enhances data security whilst reducing the cost of data hosting.

This disclosure focuses on the selection process (based on predefined settings) among cloud storage aiming to optimize the attributes of the backup pool for each defined data set. A special focus is on geographical locations and anti-collocation of primary and secondary (backup) data sets. In addition, a typical organization owns many data sets, making the automation of the distribution process a paramount necessity. A solution is needed to replace pre-arranged (i.e., static) placement of backup data with a dynamic system.

The novel system and method encompass a configuration database containing available storage offerings including location, performance, and cost per unit. Each data set is assigned to a virtual container, which contains a multitude of data sets with identical attributes (as described below). A range of attributes is defined for each container.

The system constructs the required backup per virtual container of data sets from available storage offerings. It fulfills the given requirements as far as possible and then reports a score per data set, comparing requirements with implementation.

Components of the System

This section describes the system and method to create a multitude of backups hosted on data volumes of cloud storage providers. The selection process to assign backups is based on a multitude of internal and external parameters.

Figure 1: Component Model of the System

The diagram above shows the components of the system 100. Shown in the upper part of the diagram are the existing servers and data volumes owned by the cloud customer and hosted by the primary cloud provider. The cloud customer may select a multitude of primary cloud service providers. For the sake of simplicity, only one is shown exemplarily in the diagram.

In the lower part of the diagram the system uses a range of secondary cloud storage providers (310, 320) to store backup data. A multitude of secondary providers ensures a wider range of geographical locations and selecting the lowest cost storage on the market for the storage matching the requirements. The secondary storage providers may or may not offer server hosting servers. One of the secondary storage providers could be in fact the primary cloud service provider 110.

The novelty of the system is the backup module, which is introduced as a physical layer between the primary and secondary cloud storage providers. The backup module could be hosted on a server of the primary cloud service provider or any network connected server managed b...