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Increasing number of steps measured on a personal fitness device by advising the best route to go to a location

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250431D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-13
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Increasing Number of Steps Measured on a Personal Fitness Device by Advising the Best Route to Go to a Location

An increasing number of people use a fitness tracker, pedometer, or other personal device to promote physical fitness. However, during a busy day, a user can forget to consider a fitness goal and, in the interest of time, take shorter walking routes to get from point A to point B, thus decreasing the number of steps achieved. To increase overall fitness and maximize opportunities for exercise, a person needs to receive appropriate reminders and encouragement (i.e., “nudges”) to take the extra needed steps.

The core novel idea is to provide "re-direction nudges" for moving from points A to B in someone's daily activities, based on, for example, a personal goal, calendar entries, location information, and weather information. The system means to maximize opportunities to take more steps and increase the user’s physical fitness.

Figure: Inputs and example suggestion to “nudge” the user

The following scenario shows a possible embodiment for this system:

User A is happy to use a personal wearable device to reach a personal fitness goal. User A focused on it a lot when it was newly acquired. Over time, as User A became busier and less focused on the device tracking fitness levels, the number of steps User A achieved per day decreased.

User A is an active user of a mobile phone, though. It contains User A’s calendar system, map information for meetings, and a ...