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Comprehensive Preventive Medication - medicines, diet & Schedule, for patients and family members Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250455D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-19
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Comprehensive Preventive Medication - medicines, diet & Schedule, for patients and family members

Abstract Disclosed is an intelligent mechanism to suggest a preventive diet and schedule for a group of people who are prone to a disease (or set of diseases) by virtue of being in contact of a patient, and on other factors like hereditary, past history and medication in progress, environmental parameters etc. Background of the Problem It has been observed that people living together with the patients; like family member, caretakers, nurses, doctors, fellow patients etc interact physically which makes them prone to get affected with the Virus, etc. which are available in the surrounding environment. It is also observed that family members typically share the diet chart or schedule with each other. Now if all the members have different diseases, there are mechanisms available to suggest the medication to individual patients, but there are no means available to collectively suggest to the entire family the best medication, diet routine etc – which takes care of each individual of the family. For example, if an individual has a heart problem and a particular suggestive diet, and his / her spouse has a kidney problem and another suggestive diet – the family will need a diet which suits both the heart patient & the kidney patient. It is also observed that this common diet should also account for hereditary diseases accounting from family history, surroundings, climate, and the environment that affect the health of an individual. For example, It has been observed that in our society where most of the people living in rural areas / in joint family / in dormitory kind of arrangement, are affected by the disease already prevailing there in their families / surroundings. This paper discusses a mechanism to recommended Preventive Diet & Schedule for those people who are prone to be impacted by a patients' disease by interaction at the hospital, home or any other location from Communicable, Non-communicable or Hereditary Diseases; taking into account their own health posture, family history, environmental parameters and hereditary considerations. The paper also discussed a mechanism to suggest a collective chart of all family members who need to share the patient's diet & schedule charts - both for immediate and for long term; based on a atomized break up (of positive & negative aspects) of a database on recommendations. The Solution There are mechanisms available, at plenty, for individual patients, many of these suggest medication, diet charts and schedule based on patient's history & current symptoms. Many hospitals also maintain database for patients history of diseases – which is integrated across hospitals as well. This also provides the information on

familial risks / genetic history is a known and enabling art. Recommendations based on status information of health is also available in various software products and otherwise.

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