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Dynamic Reconfiguration of Cloud Resources Based on Vendor Pricing Strategies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250460D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-20
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Dynamic Reconfiguration of Cloud Resources Based on Vendor Pricing Strategies


In an interactive dialog where the Virtual Machine configuration requirements are fetched from the user over a Natural Language Processing interface, it would be essential to the administrators to consider cost as one of the deciding factors to arrive at an optimal configuration.


Today there exists several tools that allow an administrator or a cloud user to plan a certain configuration based on the cost and scale factors. These tools help the admins decide on a cost-effective placement of a workload but they are pretty much static in nature and do not correct the deviations dynamically and interactively based on the need or by studying the user preferences. This invention will address the following:

• The system gathers the configuration requirements from the user in an interactive chat dialog

• The user's preferences for a configuration as stated in the interactive dialog is recorded

• The configuration is observed continuously on its performance and usage

• The cost for hosting the workload is computed based on the utilization metrics. APIs such as open stack ceilometer allows to fetch the metrics on top of which the cost computation can be done.

• The performance, usage and the cost incurred are continuously recorded

• Re-provisioning based on the ideal configuration that can happen.

• During the re-provisioning, based on the user's past behavior, the optimal cost based configuration can be chosen from the other options automatically.

• The user can be interactively informed of the cost savings that the re-provisioning has fetched. Th...