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Enlighting road crossing path Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250470D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-24
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The article describes a solution that increases the level of pedestrian safety while crossing the road in front of stopped vehicle by alerting another drivers with visual signs projected on the road surface.

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This publication focus on the solution for increasing the safety of the pedestrians that

are passing the road in front of stopped vehicle and when the passing the road action

takes place on the multiple lanes street. The danger of the accident is significantly high

in case of multiple lanes as drivers are not able to always spot the a pedestrian is

standing/walking before the car stopped on the lane/side of the street.

A proposed solution is a method for lighting the area on the front-left/right (corner) of the

vehicle using the strong light source, preferably laser beam, to light the area or even

draw special graphical figures on the surface on the road. This will alert any other

drivers, for example, attempting to overtake the currently stopped vehicle, that there is a

potentially dangerous situation of the pedestrian passing the road in front of the stopped

vehicle. That will not only warn the driver of approaching vehicle but also increase the

safety of the pedestrian. Using the strong light beam (laser) instead of the typical car's

corner light will make it possible to display the warning sign even during the day.

The proposal assumes two devices:

A) a sensor that is able to detect objects like pedestrians that are crossing the street in front of current vehicle B) a laser beam device that is able to display sample warning and/or light the street surface near the corner of the vehicle. The location of the device on the car should be as high as possible to maximize the size of the sign. When the car is stopped and sensor A detects and object (might be person or animal) that is passing the vehicle in the front, the device 'B' is activated. Device 'B' displays the warning sign on the surface of the road. The 'B' device is able not only to warn the d...