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Hailstone Protection for Aircrafts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250478D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-25
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This paper relates to systems/devices for protecting aircraft wings against hailstone

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Hailstone Protection for Aircrafts 


This paper relates to systems/devices for protecting aircraft wings against hailstone.


A) roll out protection 


 A thick protection cover that is unrolled over the wing and then secured to the ground.











Figure 1 : perspective view of the wing with the protection cover deployed. 









Figure 2 : top view of the wing with the protection cover deployed. 



The deployment of this protection cover is performed from the ground up by 3 people max.

One operator on each side of the cover and an operator located at the level of the reel in order to

activate the mechanical/electrical assistance system that will help to unroll the cover over the wing.

Once the cover is fully deployed, the 3 people install and tighten the straps to keep the protection

cover in its unrolled position.

In order not to generate risk for the operators during the installation phase, the straps shall be

secured and guided on the ground via rails or guides. The portal may also be installed on rails to

facilitate the implementation of the system.


B) improved padded protection 


 Improvement of the current protection in order to reduce any safety risk during the

installation. A rolling pedestal with a long arm equipped with a claw and piloted by an

operator which will safely set-up the current protection from the ground





Figure 3 : perspective view of a leading edge...