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Bleed System Coupling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250482D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-25
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1 TECHNICAL FIELD The coupling is designed to be used within A/C bleed air systems where temperatures exceed 250 ºC. 2 PRIOR ART Legacy aircraft all use a similar set up which consist of two face to face flanges coupled together with a V- band clamp. This technology is expensive and is not tolerant to side loading from wing deflections potentially causing leaks at the coupling. 3 OBJECT AND ADVANTAGE The new coupling design again has two flanges. The coupling is self-aligning via a “bayonet, cam feature” Utilises a “lip or O-ring seal” for positive pressure. One flange has a machined seal groove integrated into it while the other just has a machined face. With the introduction of a seal between both faces, the flanges are drawn together by means of a looking ring. The locking ring works by rotating around the flanged joint, it mechanically closes the joint by running up a cam which in turn compresses the seal before locking in place by means of a mechanical “clip”. This rotation of the locking ring is done with a “C-Type” spanner. The spanner is required due to the compression needed to close the coupling. This ensures the “gas tight” integrity and sealing of the coupling. 4 SUMMARY

Each flange is welded to a duct tube.