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Search based on the context and role of user in accordance to that context Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250500D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-26
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Search based on the context and role of user in accordance to that context Abstract Disclosed is an mechanism to enhance the search capabilities by enabling the system to relate the search requirements of the user with the role of the user and the perspective or context in which the search is being carried out. Background of the Problem As internet evolves with sharing data, the magnitude of data has become very high. This makes the search very complicated. There have been many algorithms and enablers in place to make the search effective. However, despite the improved search features, it becomes difficult to search for the right set of information when the perspective of the person searching the information changes. For example for someone searching maternity related cases would see results which would either from a perspective of a doctor; or a research scholar; or a patient; or an attorney. So if someone is a doctor in that area, he would need to go through the search results just to find the right set of information for him or her. And even the perspective of the same person changes over a period of time - so as a doctor one may look up for some information in order to treat a patient OR later search for his own research or learning, or may look upon it when she herself / or his spouse / daughter etc becomes pregnant. In this paper, an additional search mechanism is discussed, which using Internet of devices (i.e. IOT) monitors and analyses the context or perspective of the user, and uses it for the search that the user is performing This is quite different than the "context" search which refers to multiple things - like theme of text, summary, main keywords / tags, user activity and user context during creation of file etc. However, in this paper we look at the perspective of the user in searching a specific thing, i.e. a role or an "intent". Brief about the solution: A system is proposed in which an array of devices (using IOT technology) monitors an individual – his current work, roles, relationships, phone discussions, etc. These monitored pieces would be used to analyze the perspective of a person in multiple dimensions. There are tools available which analyze discussions / text and interpret the context or perspective of the content. Similarly there are tools available that interpret personality insights. A combination of these, using deep learning techniques, can help in deriving the context easily. Over a period of time, the system may learn the various roles an individual plays. These roles may help the system find the perspective faster - however, may not be limited to just these roles. This is because the user may change to a new role at any point of time in his life; or assume a temporary role during some time of his / her life;

or may have a life with dynamically changing roles (like that of a researcher who works on various domains). User sets up time in a configurable field to retain the perspective of discussions. Based on...