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Method for assessment of maturity of remote IT service delivery center. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250501D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-26
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Method for assessment of maturity of remote IT service delivery center. Abstract Disclosed is a mechanism to assess the maturity of a delivery center which delivers information technology (IT) services to customers remotely. The mechanism provides an improved system and method for evaluating the maturity of the delivery center and its capability to deliver to its client; and for identifying the areas which can develop the center to the next level. Background and Introduction In the IT service industry, the bulk of project delivery work is done from delivery centers that are located away from the clients. Typically, such delivery centers are at offshore or near-shore locations that have a lower cost structure as compared to the primary location where most of the client organizations operate from. IT service firms set up many such delivery centers rather than concentrate on a small number. This is done to take advantage of availability of technical staff at different location, mitigate the risks in concentrating on a few locations only and gaining the advantage of “near-shore” to the client. Availability of multiple centers also helps in covering various time-zone requirement, multiple shift requirements, different language needs and comply with any specific security or regulatory requirement on location. The delivery centers undergo a maturity lifecycle, from early set-up centers with a small pool of staff with a limited set of technical skills, that need guidance in order to be able to deliver projects; to a growing center which has a number of projects across technologies and is delivering to the end clients; to full-fledged, full service offering centers that have thousands of staff with a wide variety skills and delivering hundreds of projects across multiple geographies. Currently, there is no prescribed, standardized roadmap for growth of such delivery centers. What are available are either means of doing an audit like CMMI, ISO etc, or measure compliance to a set of rules or processes. Thus the prior art systems for assessing IT delivery systems have undesirable disadvantages and limitations that limit the scope of the assessments to project delivery and existing process compliance.

This paper discusses a method and means for assessing the maturity of IT service delivery centers. The maturity assessment model is a multi-dimensional approach to systematically uncover the areas of strength and weakness of such delivery centers and hence allow the center to focus attention on specific improvement areas or opportunities. Assessment model proposed As part of the paper, a list of key center delivery areas are defined at two levels – project level and the center level i.e. the model will operate at two levels; at the project and at the overall center. A combination of these two will give the overall

maturity of the center across multiple dimensions (process areas) on a scale of 1 - 5. This enables the model to focus on the “center’s maturity o...