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A method for autonomous cars to efficiently overtake bicycles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250538D
Publication Date: 2017-Jul-31
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TITLE: A method for autonomous cars to efficiently overtake bicycles

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Autonomous vehicles overtaking slow moving traffic (particularly bicycles) using hill gradient and wind speed to determine passing speed required and when to pass.

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Bicycles can be difficult to overtake with a car because their speed can vary a lot depending on the gradient of the hill and the rider's ability. Bicycles move slower when moving up hill and can accelerate quickly when going downhill. A driver-less car will not be able to overtake efficiently unless it predicts the speed of the bike correctly and determines potential passable points in the road ahead.

Many things will affect the speed of the bike; wind direction, hill gradient, fitness/power of the user. The car will analyse the rider and determine a fitness level based on the current moving speed, taking into account the current hill gradient and wind speed. The car will then analyse the road ahead, looking at the gradient and wind speeds, and predict the speed of the bike at every point on the road. This will allow the car to see the bicycle's acceleration and compute the distance required for the car to be able to pass safely whilst being able to see any oncoming traffic. This information will be used to determine places in the road where overtakes should be attempted.

The rider's a...