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Method and system for midair projection display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250548D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-02
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Method and system for midair projection display. Any display device is having a display area. The digital contents are shown in the display area of the device. Various type of display devices are available, for example, mobile display device, transparent display device, flexible display device, TV etc. As per recent technologies, holographic 3D objects can be created in mid-air. Various shapes of holographic objects can be created in mid- air using holographic projectors installed in the display device. Following are some example of holographic objects are created in midair touchscreen-display interface.html To display any content we need a surface, accordingly digital contents can be plotted on the surface. For example, Projection TV, Mobile device with pico projectors are based on projection technology etc. There is an opportunity to project digital content in midair, and accordingly user can navigate with the contents. Following URL talks about another method of creating Holographic object

A surface layer is created, the current creation talks about projecting content on the created surface.


1. Mobile device will have holographic projectors, cameras and pico projectors installed. Appropriate filter lens is to be fixed along with the holographic projectors to reduce the brightness level and to increase the density of the projected holographic object. Both side of the device will have the mentioned accessories fixed

2. The camera installed in the device will measure the surface dimension, shape, relative position and orientation of the holographic object and accordingly the computing system of the mobile device will calculate the focus plane and dimension of the projected content from the pico-projector

3. The pico-projector will projected the digital contents on the holographic surface created by the device. The projected content will be aligned with the dimension of the holographic surface. The focus plane of the digital content will be aligned with the distance of the holographic surface.

4. Based on the required clarity, user's direction, mobile device wil...