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Location Service or Application(s) that can "Speak" the Caller's Location to Emergency Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250553D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-02
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A Learning Question and Answer System of Preferences as a Device Unlock Mechanism


Today there is a lot of focus on making password unlock scenarios "easier". Users today need or want to unlock using passwords many times a day and password fatigue can begin to set in quickly. This invention proposes an alternative device unlock method.


This invention starts with the user creating a normal or standard password, as this lets them use this standard password as a failsafe in cases where the system may malfunction.

Once the password has been set, the system will ask the user a question or two (simple binary form - yes/no) each time they attempt to unlock, to build a profile of who they are and what their preferences are. These questions will typically be of the nature - "Which do you prefer?", and the user will swipe in the direction of their preference to register their answer, or alternatively tap on the picture they prefer.

The system, using detailed image recognition and analysis through machine learning, will begin from these answers to build a preference profile for the user. Using this preference information, the system can begin to detect whether or not the "true user" is using the device and begin to move away from using the standard password and instead use the questions as the form of authentication. The system could source and scrape all of the images displayed from the internet at large, and the system could typically ask anywhere between 2 and 5 questions.

In order to help prevent so...