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Framework to Consolidate and Share User Data Across Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250569D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-03
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Framework to Consolidate and Share User Data Across Applications Abstract An operating system framework to share valuable user data across the mobile/web applications is proposed. This enables users to use any application seamlessly sharing user data accumulated over a period of time based on the usage. Introduction Internet and smart devices enabled the usage of several applications for all walks of life including travel, shopping, entertainment etc. Users have an option of choosing from a variety of apps for each domain. For example, for cab service there are multiple apps like Ola and Uber in India, multiple e-shopping apps like amazon and flipkart, mutlple food ordering apps etc. There is valuable information of the user stored in the app while it is used. When user switches to another app the valuable user information stored till then in the first app is not available in the second app. The apps and websites store user information in their servers. When a user is heavily using application A the application builds certain user data which is stored by the app in its server. When the same user opens a different app B of same business category, he will not have any of his data like user preferences, wish lists, favorite destinations etc in the app B. To solve the above problem, a framework for the operating system to share valuable user data across the mobile/web applications is proposed. Applications that fall into the same business category will share and use the user specific data. The proposed frame work enables operating system to store, build data in a specific format and leverage the data by exporting to all other applications under similar business category. Working of the proposed method: The method involves the following steps: 1. Operating system will come up with a list of application categories like travel, cab services, food delivery, hotel booking, flight booking etc. 2. For each application category, a predefined API will be exported by the OS. 3. Application developers use the predefined API (get_data for_datatype and get_data_types) to retrieve the user data from OS. The retrieved data will be presented to the user by the application. 4. User can modify or add user data which will be pushed by the application to operating system using the pr...