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Cognitive soft contact lens case. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250572D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-03
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Users of contact lenses usually take them out for night. And store them in special box-container

that is filled with liquid that cleans and hydrates the lenses. For now this is totally up to user to

remember to take lenses for night, to change them after some period, and to clean them. There is

also risk of swapping left and right lenses when one uses lenses of different parameters for left

and right eye.


What we propose is a solution that makes it easier to use contact lenses and remember/remind

about certain duties for person wearing lenses. 


We propose a system that is a container for lenses that is equipped with sensors and microcontroller that

processes data from those sensors. Such smart contact lens container can implement variety of functions

making it easier to use such lenses. System like that can issue alerts and reminders to users. This can

also be used to gather usage data by lens manufacturers (if such system has connection to

manufacturer's systems). Alerts may be of visual form (display, highlighting), audio (especially useful for

persons with severe sight degradation) and other - like Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones.

In detail we see that it would be feasible to implement several types of sensors, but in general idea is not

limited to this:  

- sensor detecting that a lens is present  

- sensor detecting lens integrity  

- sensor detecting lens cleanness  

- sensor detecting lens parameters (if lens is rf-id enabled)  


Those can be real...