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Smart object description to metadata validator for online trading Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250573D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-03
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ABSTRACT: Items offered in online trading services come with metadata (used for auction

filtering, etc) and more verbose description including photos of the object, etc . For example

during online auctions the only descriptions of product are photos and description. The more

valuable the product is, the more important is that description will be valid. If the vase which is

said to be from XIII century has for example ornaments from XIX century, or old car has

headlights covers not matching its original design, it should be documented in description, or

else should be recognized and reported to user. 

Proposed is a system that would use its embedded expert system to validate provided materials

vs provided description and possibly as well find some suspicious inconsistencies between

description/multimedia/metadata and so on.

Main idea is to

- process the description to detect named entities

- compare the named entities vs auction metadata

- process all the attached multimedia to assess its relevance to the above

- extract non-matching/suspicious elements to generate a report

E.g.: Catch meaningful phrases from description which are describing the object. Then check photos of

object looking for inconsistent elements regarding documented age of object. At the end description is

compared with prepared description of object using photos and all inconsistencies are reported.  

1. Problem domain research   Regarding on domain, info about problem is gathered.  


For example:   If the product is an old car the information from car forums is gathered regarding:   * the most popular car modifications   domain_info.modifications = ["changed windshield"]   * the earliest dates of production car and its elements   domain_info.elements =   overall: 1990,   headlights: 1989  


* the most important elements of this car model   domain_info.important_elements = [windshield, headlights, wheels]   * the most characteristic elements of this car model   domain_info.characteristic_...