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Problem, method and apparatus for Creating a shortcut (Icon)for a virtual machine in a Cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250576D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-04
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Creating a shortcut (Icon) for a virtual machine in a Cloud Abstract: Discovered is a solution to provide a shortcut for the VM on the Desktop for doing life-cycle operations and to access the VM in a secure way. Problem Description: Background - Ideally a user does life cycle operations on a Virtual Machine by using cloud portal or cloud web site through some browser entering the address on an address line. This is inconvenient as it requires several steps and requires the user to remember user name, password, tenant etc. which mostly will be a difficult thing to remember, or difficult to spell and remember web site address. Normally a Cloud provider sends a mail to the user how to access a VM after getting created. Sends details like user-name, password, IP address or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the Host. If the user losses or misses the mail it becomes very difficult for him to access the VM. Existing Workflow: Creating VM in Cloud: User Sign in to the cloud portal with his already registered user name and password.

• After successful Authentication, user chooses suitable images from the list of images.

• User Deploys / Creates VM using the selected image.

Performing life cycle operations

• User Sign in to cloud portal with his already registered username and password.

• After successful authentication, user chooses the VM and performs Life Cycle Operation

Accessing the VM: • User receives a mail from cloud portal with details of VM and access details. • User chooses the application enters user name and password • User access the VM (if VM authentication is success)

The work flow mentioned above provided information on the existing model, but the solution provided in this article addresses the disadvantages with the existing model, basically idea describes the method for accessing VM and to do life cycle operations, along with changing the lease period of VM without logging to cloud portal. VM shortcut provides external access to a VM and access to do life cycle operations avoiding the user with cumbersome methods to access the VM and perform the life cycle. The VM Shortcut application can access the VM with any flavors of Operating system. Summary of the Proposed Solution:...