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System for the definition and deployment of cloud build environments that are independent from the code stream. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250577D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-04
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System for the definition and deployment of cloud build environments that are independent from the code stream.

Typically, a build environment definition is contained in build property files which are part of the product code and are stored with it in code repositories. Each release stream contains a version of those build files which correspond to a single build environment. Each code stream is therefore normally associated to only one build environment, allowing minimal room for configuration.

The present idea implements a cloud build environment in which a release stream can be built against parallel build environments, each of which can differ by features such as the compiler version, hardware level, optimisation level, tuning options, etc. Running parallel build environments in this way could be enormously useful for testing purposes (such as testing a build configuration before deploying it as the official build environment), for tuning and/or performance improvement purposes, or for any other purpose that would enable cloud customers to run multiversioning applications or multiversioning platforms.

The present idea is based on the system which has been implemented and used to build code that is undergoing development using a new compiler which is itself also under development. The idea allows build environments to be defined that are independent from the code stream, and to deploy them onto a build platform (which provides the underlying build infrastructure). The code stream can be built on any of the deployed build environments. The idea relies on the parameterisation of the build properties in the build files in order to decouple the build configuration from the build files. The build properties are set at the build definition level and are expanded at runtime, when a build (compile) of a code stream is requested using that build environment.

Fig.1 illustrates the submission of a core repository to be compiled on a build environment. The automation tool used was based on Ant, although the idea can be extended to any other build tool (such as Make, etc)....