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Configurable authorisation using continuous face recognition on a multi user device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250581D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-04
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Configurable Authorisation Using Continuous Face Recognition on a Multi User Device

With the explosion of digital user devices, multiple users are now using shared devices, for example in the home or in hotels. These devices are generally casual devices but may have apps and information which only specific users should have access to (such as banking details) which the user does not want available to anyone who picks up the device.

One solution to this at the moment is to use passwords or face recognition to log in and log out of a device, and a separate profile applied for each user. But this can be clunky and users can forget to log out resulting in an unauthorised user using a device, for example to make large purchases. Several examples of this have been reported in the media.

In a work situation, there are solutions for separate authentication such as separate accounts and security is paramount. But in the home environment or a more relaxed environment there is a market for a more convenient security mechanism. A home environment may not be able to afford a device per user.

If the device had a camera this could be used to provide continuous face recognition as the device was being used. This would allow the device to then apply a profile for the currently visible user and would mean that the authentication could be performed continuously in the background and so would allow the device to be constantly on and passed around to each user easily without other users being ab...