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Social context reminder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250582D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-04
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You meet the person again. The only issue is that you, despite trying hard, cannot recall who

she/he is... By "meet again" we understand either in person or by any communication means

(phone call, mail, etc.). We propose a system that would hint you in such situations - by giving

context of last encounter with that person. This may also include your own notes on him/her.

General idea are "reminders" about last encounter with person presenting saved user info (notes)

on person. This is beneficial as you may not remember all people you have met. And next

encounter may be frustrating, awkward or embarrassing if you do not remember who this person

might be.

We also propose to add much more value above such simple case. Such system may be auto-

triggered when you are introduced to someone or someone is introduced to you to "catch" person

name, photo and other related properties (like emotional state of parties involved).

System may be incorporated in all sorts of smartphones, email applications and instant

messaging clients as well as in telecommunication systems. It can also be very useful with

wearable personal assistants like Google Glass - where you may be unobtrusively hinted when

you meet someone in person.

Yet another application of the invention would be help for elderly people that tend to forget more


It may also be tailored to less private social situation like call-center use (information about

customers is shared among workers receiving calls).

As general idea are "reminders" about last encounter with person presenting saved user info

(notes) on person.

System could analyze emotional state of a person and remember it to remind during next

encounter, this may also include users own emotional state (and then reminder could state that

you were very happy last time, but this guy you met was angry above average). And detected

person emotional state (Of course if there is a suitable sentiment analysis method for

communication medium - e.g. it is easy for e-mails and somehow harder but still possible for

view captured by google glass).

Such "soc...