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Dynamic adjustment of adressees' within emails threads Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250583D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-04
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Dynamic Adjustment of Adressees' within Emails Threads

A system of dynamic adjustment of adressees' of an email using subsequent emails that arrived during the email was being authored.

People sending emails often get involved in long email conversations involving a number of participants (in to or cc fields). As the conversation grows people are often added or removed from the cc list. As a recipient (A) replies to the emails its often the case that someone else (participant B) has already replied (previously or while composing the reply), their reply may include new participants or remove some. When recipient A sends his email, it may result in either someone being missed off the reply or possible the start of a number of different threads on the same topic i.e. consider the following workflow (Fig 1)

Fig 1

a) The initial email gets sent to 2 people b) Participant B replies to all addressee's c) Participant A replies including in another two people he thinks are relevant

to this discussion d) Participant C replies to the email from Participant B before realizing that

there is another email in his inbox with some extra people on the email list e) One of the new participants - Participant D contributes to the discussion

to all recipients on his chain f) Participant A tries to fix the split in the thread by copying in all people that

have contributed e) Before reading all his emails Participant B replies including a new

participant. This flow of actions has resulted in there being three separate threads, with

various amount of history in each one even though all the discussions were relevant to all the participants.

This article describes a capability performed by an Email Client Application when sending emails to detect if there are other participants that may be interested in your email. Before sending the mail, it will check for any recent emails and...