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Methods implemented to effectively manage Application Outages in Cloud promoting provider new offerings

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250601D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-08
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Methods implemented to effectively manage Application Outages in Cloud promoting provider new offerings

Background: SaaS, Iaas and PaaS have become an integral part of business transactions. Its extremely challenging to keep the Cloud platform support the users business. Outages in cloud which are server, application, etc based can be reduced but cannot be totally prevented. There are many ways to tackle these outages. But we have huge impact on availability and today user looses ability to get users data during cloud or application outage duration. Summary of Invention: We propose a innovative way to facilitate user continue user business transactions and continue accessing users data even during application outage. Description: Provisions: 1. Seamless work experience for the user(s) by promoting providers new offerings with advancements of similar application(s) being used by the user, irrespective of subscription during outage of subscribed application(s). 2. Automatically extending the existing subscription to access similar applications which can assist user continue business during subscribed application outage. 3. Provisioning auto-shift between relevant applications at the time of outage and post outage recovery. 4. Intimating users for a manual shift to the subscribed application post outage recovery. Lets consider a scenario where our solution effectively supports the end user. Our invention focuses on similar applications which can support user to interact with users data using any of these applications which can consume users data and allow user to interact and continue users business. Lets take a e.g. of a Infrastructure which support Web Mail and Collaboration Mail. User has subscribed to Web Mail and user is a regular user of the application and interacts the application day-in-day-out for users business. At a given time due to some application issues, Web Mail application gets down and the support and the engineering team is working to restore the service. During this duration, users are frustrated and wait for the application or service to resume. It leads 100s of customer PMRs, critical situation and panic. The Engineering team does get a solution and the application is back in service. But, in between this period, there are chances that the customer would have lost users business. Our solution is very unique to tackle this issue. We propose a unique method which helps the end users business continuity as well helps the provider to promote users business by promoting users new offerings of similar applications which can interest and encourage the customer to subscribe for the latest offerings. During the outage session, th...