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Ambigram emoticons Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250634D
Publication Date: 2017-Aug-11
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Title : Ambigram emoticons

1. Background: A Messenger Application is one of the most extensively used applications on any device be it a mobile device or a desktop. Within this, 'emoticons' are a heavily used feature to denote different sentiments/emotions/figures etc. In order to accommodate a wide range of emotions/figures, most messenger applications have a wide range of emoticons spanning over multiple pages. Thus, many a times it so happens that one is not even aware of the various emoticons present on his/her device. As a result, many an emoticons end up not being used and unnecessarily hogging memory and space. However, it is possible for an emoticon to take on different meanings by rotating it around a certain axis.


2. Core Idea

The below paper seeks to use “ambigram emoticons” to solve the problem cited above. As per its Wikipedia definition, An Ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation, whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation. The phrase is so coined to represent a single emoticon taking different meanings when rotated around an axis. Thus, “ambigrammed emoticon”(s) is akin to “a single emoticon with multiple meanings”. As a result, the number of graphic-heavy-emoticons on a user’s device will drastically reduce.

This paper details the usage of an emoticon in a messenger service that takes on different meanings when oriented around a particular axis.

Advantages : 1) Using the same emoticon to represent multiple things. 2) The number of emoticons in a messenger service are drastically reduced. 3) Chances of usage of all the emoticons greatly increase as the number of emoticons are reduced. 4) Implementation is rather simple. Along with an emoticon, a rotation angle will be sent to the server. (See implementation section for details) 5) Optimal usage of available screen space. 6) Optimal usage of memory

3. Description:

Consider a sample screen with emoticons as depicted below. However, one major difficulty faced by users of the service is the sheer number of emoticons, unnecessarily utilizing the already limited space available to a messenger applications. Most of the times, the display space available is limited to the screen width which can be quite compact in the case of a hand held device.

3.1) Flowcharts : 3.1.1) From the sender's device.

3.1.2) On the messen...