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Method to automatically prevent the recording of copyrighted audio Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250785D
Publication Date: 2017-Sep-01
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Method to Automatically Prevent the Recording of Copyrighted Audio

At the moment copyrighted or protected audio can easily be recorded by a third party and used for their own gain through the use of an accessible recording device such as a mobile phone. Audio aired on the radio, performed at a concert or streamed online suffers this problem. For example, If a user streams music through Spotify, they could record the track and distribute it, thus breaking copyright law. This disclosure presents a method of automatically blocking audio from being stored on the recording device.

1. Currently to stop someone recording audio which is copyrighted they must be asked to stop or the device must be physically removed.

2. Information about an audio track, e.g. track name, can be sent via metadata, This works by allowing a receiving device which is internet enabled to connect to a third party system to retrieve the metadata. This disclosure proposes to extend the detail sent to include information about the audio of the track.

3. Shazam uses music identifying algorithms to tell users the name of a song after analysing a sample, please see it-music-processing-fingerprinting-and-recognition. Here it is proposed using a similar algorithm to identify the audio which is not allowed to be recorded and prevent this from being stored in memory.

4. YouTube currently detects copyrighted audio in videos and removes the videos if they breach copyright. However, the video is completely removed even parts which contain non-copyrighted audio.

The audio track which is being played will be accompanied by metadata which describes the audio. Software on the recording device will be used to identify the copyrighted audio and ensure it is not saved to the devi...