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Tracking GPS using Block Chain Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250901D
Publication Date: 2017-Sep-13
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TITLE: Tracking GPS using Block Chain *Enter a brief abstract for this article The proposed idea is of having GPS coordinates of personnel, devices or assets, being monitored and tracked using block chain. Creation of blocks would be based on two parameters i.e, change in locale and/or time interval. Such blocks would shared only with trusted parties. This would prevent GPS data being misused for malicious purposes and even prevent any changes to the past GPS data stored in the blocks. The time and change in locales validate the creation of the block. These blocks would only be shared with the needed government bodies or trusted partners. Time based and/or locale change based creation of new blocks would prevent cluttering, since no blocks would be created when there is no movement. Novelty Pieces: GPS tracking to be done using block chain. Wherein dual parameters are used to constitute a block. The parameters are time and change in locales. Also, at a more fundamental level, this submission brings together, for the first time, two separate technologies - GPS and Block chain.

*Enter the body of your Invention Disclosure Publication below. You may include drawings and highlighting as appropriate. [IDF_BackgroundAnswer] GPS tracking is enabled on devices.

Block would be formed based on either or both of the two parameters i.e. time interval or movement of the GPS device. Both the time interval and perimeter of allowed movement would be customizable. So the logic flow would be that if a device is within the perimeter boundaries for more than the time interval set, all the data would be in that block. But if the device moves outside the perimeter boundaries it would create blocks based on the time interval defined. This block creation based on time would come into play even if the device moves once outside the defined perimeter. Time based blocks would help in creating blocks when there is movement in the device. GPS coordinate based device would be created when there is no or limited movement. It would limit the unnecessary creation of blocks just by the time interval. The constitutes of the block would be GPS device details, start time, end time and locales of the GPS device presence or movement. For example: The configured time for GPS block is 30 minutes. So if the device is moving it would constitute a block every 30 minutes. But if the device is stationary for some time within those 30 minutes and moving outside the GPS defined boundary for sometime, it would still make a block based on the time period. If the device is stationary at one location and the locales are not changing then the block would not get constituted at the end of 30 minutes. The block would get constituted only if the device moves out of the defined perimeter.

Here the transaction is based on the parameters of time and change in locale. The transaction is validated by the next block being created, which depends on movement of the GPS device and locale change and/or time...