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System and Method to place orders without entering their e-commerce website Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250911D
Publication Date: 2017-Sep-14
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System which can place orders with multiple e-commerce sellers without entering their websites. This means that there is no need to open a browser, login, search for the product of choice, add to cart, enter billing & shipping addresses, enter payment details in order to place an order.


Disclosed is a system which can place orders across multiple e-commerce sellers in a shothand way just like a person listing out items to be purchased on a sheet of paper. System will recognize and map the listed items with the items present at ecommerce sellers, evaluates based on multiple factors like price, mode of delivery, estimated time of arrival, coupons, offers, preferred seller and so on. Once the evaluation is done, best options are chosen and an order is created with order lines fulfilled by selected sellers. If there is no exact match & system cannot find the product at the sellers, then product based on purchased history is taken into consideration. If there is no exact match, user’s help is taken.

With the help of disclosed system, any person can create orders with e-commerce sellers in a very quick and easier way without visiting multiple e-commerce sites, browsing, comparing, without entering billing address, shipping address, payment information and so on.

Since evaluation will be made with the help of preferences set by user on various parameters, the best deal is availed by the user.