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Cognitive Build , System and method to perform employee skills & traits SWOT analysis and also recommend learning plans on multiple aspects based on the prebuilt skill & trait profile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250914D
Publication Date: 2017-Sep-14
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Performing employee skills & traits SWOT analysis & Deriving learning plans based on multiple aspects based on the prebuilt skill & trait profile

Background: An organization's biggest and most important assets will be their workforce. Their strengths/weaknesses will have a direct influence on the organization's business. The opportunities and threats for a business also directly impacted by these. That's one reason, why organizations spend so much of resources, money and efforts to build learning plans, paths and provide the right learning tools. Problem: "What cannot be measured cannot be improved", period! Most of these learning recommendations and plans are instinct & gut based and predominantly manual in nature. Not just the ROI (costs) around learning efforts have a negative impact but the workforce' skill demands are often left unattended. Skill gap analysis is one area where lot of research, tools are focusing on. Also most of these analysis rely heavily on job descriptions, which are again created/defined manually. Criticality & Relevance:

• As per NASSCOM, just in India, less than 25% of graduates have industry ready skills. • Talking about hiring, organizations believe that 39% of their recent hires won't be

rehired, the hiring quality is still pretty low, this will improve it drastically directly affecting the ROI of the underlying organization

• LMS market seen to be growing to be a 12 Billion market soon. Proposed solution:

• The crux of the solution is that, the system, up...