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Automated CAE Full Vehicle Sharing Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251593D
Publication Date: 2017-Nov-14
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Automated CAE Full Vehicle Sharing Method

Full vehicle models for NVH CAE purposes consist of several components that emulates a modular approach conveniently allowing switching compatible subsystems to address different assessments.

This structure brings benefits to the NVH community such as the mentioned above, use interchangeable components and be able to store in different locations (Local C: and other drives), this reduces the amount of time required to diagnose and report the programs status.

On the other hand, this approach is making the vehicle sharing among different regions of teams a harder task; this scenario is causing serious delays if the model has to be transfer to other directory, since not all engineers have access to the same sites it is considerably difficult to have all teams at the same level of information.


The picture below shows the new method to perform the CAE models sharing across regions. The steps in this method are four.

§  The first step is to create a single vehicle file

§  The second step consist in creating a script that previously had to be created manually to include the transfer instructions

§  The third step is creating a new script and modifying the information to transfer all information concerning the vehicle model

§  In the fourth step of this method using the automated tool, the files paths are changed to the new directory


§  In the last step the subsystems are changed to the new transferred sections, this means that the...