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Virtual Method to Calculate NGD Definition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251594D
Publication Date: 2017-Nov-14
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Virtual Method for NGD definition

Powertrain, driveline and other components, are usually represented in the vehicle with mass and inertia properties, this data can be acquired by physical testing, requesting information from other teams:

To represent realistically the component, the geometric orientation must be calculated, this calculations were done using various techniques, which in some cases included the use of open source sites. Geometric orientation defines if the component is located at the car like a) or b)

There was no stablished method to do this calculations, those values were requested to suppliers, D&R engineers, or calculated by the engineers modeling the powertrain (with different approximations that caused errors).


This method was developed to improve the time to deliver and assess the vehicle by:

§  The first step of the method includes the explanation to acquire the inertias and mass of the parts

§  The second explained in detail the matrix setup for the Matlab plug in to work in the excel environment

§  The third step describes the tool usage to calculate the direction cosines to get the definition of the part

§  The fourth step dedicates time to explain the process of input of this information to the vehicle

§  The fifth step allows the engineers to test the accuracy of the information input in the model


•          This method has several advantages:

o    Projected benefit to future programs, by reducing dependence on other teams

o    Reduced waiti...