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Methods to improve the accuracy in decision making for an unknown incoming call. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251611D
Publication Date: 2017-Nov-16
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Title : Methods to improve the accuracy in decision making for an unknown incoming call.

Background : There are numerous ways today to determine or get a hold of the incoming call. The best e.g. is Truecaller which allows us to determine who is calling. Here the receiver has the full right to accept or decline the call which we feel is the most important aspect in today’s busy world. But, this firsthand information is surely not enough for a receiver to decide on if the call should be picked up. Receiver today needs more context driven information which will enable them to take a fast decision on accepting an incoming call.

This article proposes a unique context driven method capitalizing on collaboration events which will occur while receiving a call.

Let’s see how this works: These are very basic and easy examples which can be related to everyday life. Online shopping is the much appreciated and evolving shopping model in today’s era. Everybody frequently order numerous items from shopping portals and the frequency of the orders is increasing day-by-day due to mouthwatering offers. Let’s say User A orders 4 different items from a shopping portal say Portal1. 4 different orders can be say a Book, CD, Laptop bag and say a Mobile. These orders were placed on 4 different days say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s say, all the orders will be delivered on the same day by different delivery personals. Considering a situation, there are chances of better offers from other Portal which pushes the user to cancel one of the orders. Say the user cancels a Mobile on Saturday which is going to be delivered on Sunday. This is the how the status would show on the device.

Today, when the delivery agent comes with a parcel, the agent will call for the exact address location. The phone rings when User A is in office or driving a car. Truecaller enables the user to understand that the caller is a delivery person. In office if the user is busy or while driving the user does not wish to pick up the call. The User will only pickup based on the interest. In this case, the User wishes to pick up the call to tell the person that if it’s a mobile delivery, please take that back as the order is cancelled OR there can be a case where the User cancels the order in case of COD’s. There is no way today to make the receiver aware that the caller is calling for delivering a mobile. Our solution has a unique way to handle such cases. More often, The User does get a SMS which says that XXX order would be delivered by XXX person with this contact number. Also, this information is

shared via email. When a mobile delivery person is calling for a mobile delivery, either the sms which is received by the user will be picked up...