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System to prevent inappropriate message from being sent out by referring to users' relation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251773D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-04
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System to prevent inappropriate message from being sent out by referring to users' relation

1. Background: Email and instant messenger are the major communication platform for modern people. Sometimes it is possible for users to mistakenly send an inappropriate message to the wrong receivers, which might cause embarrassment, or even irretrievable consequences that you wish you would have been more careful. Even more, the users in the enterprise might send confidential message to external parties, no matter accidentally or intentionally. In order to prevent this kind of disaster, we come up with a method to filter users’ communication content by: - Analyzing user’s message using natural language processing technics - Learning from user’s communication history with different group of people and find

the patterns behind them Once the system detects that you are sending a message to a certain group/person with a very different pattern as before, or inappropriate content to some specific receivers, an alert will show up to warn the user. Therefore, we could prevent pass the message to the unintended party. 2. Summary of Invention: This invention is based on the fact that people have different behavior patterns when communicating with different people in different circumstances, so we combine two major elements - “content” and “receiver” in our invention. The main idea is to have a system automatically learn a user’s communication pattern when he send message to a certain group/individual and maintain in a database. The system will decide how possibly the user is going to make a mistake to prevent users from sending message/information to irrelevant receivers. For “content”, our invention aims to perform analysis on all kinds of historical content data in the messages sent out by users, including texts, attached images, video and audio. For “receiver”, in addition to record the receiver from the historical data, the idea also considers the business relationship hierarchy inside enterprise. If a company has the personnel information defined in the corporate personnel directory, our system can get the job role and relationship information of the message sender and receiver to decide the message content is appropriate or not. Claim points:

1. The system analyzes the historical content data of instant messages, SMS, email, audio and video message, picture, etc. (*1) and their corresponding receivers to build up the pattern profiles of user's contacts

2. The system can also get sender and receiver’s job description and relationship information from the corporate personnel directory as the reference of message filtering.

3. The system can base on the following method to check if the outgoing...