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A Method To Identify The Owner of Smart Devices Via User’s Behavior Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251859D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-07
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A Method To Identify The Owner of Smart Devices Via User’s Behavior


With the development of technology, More and more smart devices are now

used in the hands of people, such as mobile phones, pads, etc..People

increasingly dependent on these smart devices in their daily life, work, social

communication. they usually save a lot of private or confidential information

like photos, contacts and memorandums in these devices, but convenience

also means risks.It will bring some security issues, for example if the phone is

lost or stolen, the private or confidential information may be leaked. Although

there are a lot of security measures to prevent this issue from happening,

such as setting a password for a smart device, or using biological identifiable

technology (fingerprint) to lock. But these technologies also have defects, for

example someone may be peeping your password when you are inputting, or

someone may copy your fingerprints.

Thus, we innovate a new method based on user’s behavior to lock smart

devices, because everyone has individual and unique behavior when using

smart devices and it is different from others. so we hope to use this method to

let smart devices identify the real owner when they are being used.

Even if the password leaks or fingerprint s are copied,if the current user failed

to validate by the owner’s behavior, he can’t use this device.

Summary of Invention:

This innovation provides a new method to identify the owner of smart devices

based on the behavior when user is entering system.

it will create a model to define user’s behavior in 3 factors as below:

Picture 1. Behavior Factors

1. Keystroke Rhythm

Keystroke rhythm is individual and unique. Different users have different

rhythm when they press or release key.

2. Keystroke Pressure

Keystroke pressure is also different if different user presses keys. the

value of keystroke pressure can be measured and stored in behavior


3. Finger Size

The finger size has difference among users, the touch area would be

calculated when a user touched screen.

A user should register his behavior firstly, once he want to log on system, he

need input password. meanwhile, a user data acquisition program is

responsible for collecting user data of the 3 factors in the time interval

sequence. if the result is matched with the data stored in the model, the

current user must be the owner of this device.

Details Description:

Users should register their own behavior in the system firstly so that once he

need enter system, the device will compare the current behavior with that one

stored in the model and judge whether the current user is legal. The whole

process is divided into 2 sub processes : register user’s behavior and identify

user’s behavior.

Picture 2. Smart Phone

• Register User’s Behavior

A user should register his behavior what he often uses in smart devices and it

should be included corresponding rhythm, pressure and the size of the

contact area of the fingers . Every peo...