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A method of using QR code to display error code Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251860D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-07
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A method of using QR code to display error code Background: We have circumstances that in some restricted customer environments, if the products they are using got errors, it's impossible or hard to get the error trace files or logs. Even we can use camera or cell phone to get the screenshots, it's not easy to get a quick solution for the corresponding error. You may need to extract the text from the image or manually type them and search on the net or in a knowledge center. It's time consuming and difficult for customer to do it because they may don't understand the error code even. With this invention, you don't need to understand or capture the error or logs again. What you just need to do is scan the QR code related with the error, it will directly navigate you to the explanation of the error message and corresponding solutions for it. This invention can be applied to all software areas. Summary of Invention: The main idea of this invention is that we add QR code to the product code so that we can easily locate the error and find related information to solve it. The advantages are: 1. QR code is easy to generate and widely used in many areas. 2. It is more convenient to locate the error by scanning the QR code, it will directly take you to the contents of the error code. Some efforts are saved to solve the issue rather than collect error logs. 3. It is essential in some environments like user can hardly or couldn't get error logs and traces in some restricted industries, like bank etc. Description: When the program that running on the production system throws an error, it will generate a QR code along with the normal error message, call system dialog and display the error with QR code in the screen. The operator can then use a mobile device to scan the QR code. The device will analyze the information abstracted from QR code, process them again...