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Key Press Duration Captcha Disclosure Number: IPCOM000251861D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-07
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Key Press Duration Captcha

Current common implementations use images that depicts distorted text. The user is required to

interpret it and enter the corresponding text as the verification test. However, these distorted text

images can often be very challenging even for the user to interpret and cause the user to fail the

verification tests.

Gaining popularity recently would be an interactive task where users have to selected the correct

images with respect to keywords. However, this may sometimes be confusing and time consuming.

In this invention, the duration of the key press will be recorded for the verification process. A

combination of key press durations can be implemented to enhance the text complexity.

The system will generate a random duration value and a keyboard key initially. The user will be

prompted to hold down that random keyboard key for that duration value of time.

The system will register the key press duration and verify it with the initially generated duration value.

The duration value and the keyboard key can be displayed to the user in pictorial form. This will increase

the difficulty for bots to decipher the duration value and keyboard key. Thus, the simple simulation of

key press would not be as intuitive and would be more complicated to implement such a bot.

Each fresh attempt will generate a new random duration value and keyboard key. This will aid in

preventing a brute force attack.

The system will require to accept a certain threshold due to human...