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Intelligent Sticky Post Support in Group Chat Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252234D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-29
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Intelligent Sticky Post Support in Group Chat Tool 1. Background: In current group chat tools, all history records are listed in flat by timeline. The interested topic was missed and hard to collect related context. Even there is search feature supported, but sometimes you’ve no idea about the keywords. This proposal will intelligently record group chat hot/important topics as sticky post to improve the warm-up process for new participants, and speed-up decision-making. It covers below functions. - Recommend the hot topic as sticky post based on the key word statistics - Member could set sticky post as needed based on real need - The sticky post will show referred and voted statistic information - The stick post will show chat history as well as context for the given topic 2. Related Work/Prior Art: In BBS, there is sticky post supported. But there is no such function in group chat tool. In group chat tool, there is search function which could be used. However, you need to know the key word. In group chat tool, there is favorite option to save a single piece of record somewhere easy to find. But it is static and only against one record rather than a topic. 3. Summary of Invention: In group chat tool, we propose a method to automatically stick post the hot and important topics for the ongoing discussion during a specified period. Use case #1: Good summary and helpful to warm up with lots of chat history. There are 10 members in the group, and 7 of them are discussing the travel plan of target place and preferred time while other 3 are offline. When these 3 people log in, they see hundreds pieces of chat records and need to spend tens of minutes to catch up what is going on in this chat group in current case before they could real join the chat. With this proposal, the hottest key words will be automatically stuck at top or a dedicated place based on the frequency statistic data in chat history. Or if there is any new choice, the team member could manually request to add it into sticky post as needed. So when those 3 people login in, they will catch the topic and detailed references within one minute. Also, it is able to review related content and its context of the interested topics easily. Use case #2: Important record and statistic data for decision-making....