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Express delivery by a sound tag Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252238D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-29
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Express delivery by a sound tag 1. Background:

With the increasing trend of online shopping, more and more parcels are delivered by express shipping companies. At the gate of office building, we often see parcels are heaped on the ground. To allocate a particular parcel, the courier need to seek the label one by one in the heap. It costs time and sometime cause mistake. With this method, the recipient can allocate the parcel by themselves. 2. Related Work/Prior Art: Intelligent package cabinet and get a system based on piece is got to sound wave equipment CN 206179120 U ---- The patent said each lock in cabinet corresponding to a unique password sound wave to open the lock, it does not help courier to pick up a specific parcel. Pick up notice and method of using same US 7395962 B2 ---- The patent said a shipper may use either human-readable and/or machine-readable (including sound) to track/get parcel location, but it could not help to find one specific parcel from lots of parcel. 3. Summary of Invention: We use smart devices to associate the customer's order and parcel, recognize the sound tag and notify people. In the inventory of the express company, each parcel is attached with a smart device. Based on the order or customer's information, a specified code is generated and written into the smart device. The associated sound tag is send to courier and customer's mobile device. Of course, the same sound tag could be generated on mobile app when customer received the parcel. When courier meets customer, they can play the relevant sound tag. When the sound is playing, the associated smart device notifies them by flashing and sound. 4. Description: De...