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A cognitive method to liven instant group chats by using context-sensitive emojis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252242D
Publication Date: 2017-Dec-30
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A cognitive method to liven instant group chats by using context-sensitive emojis

Problem statement and background Instant message applications are more and more widely used in our daily life. Traditionally, when we chat in a group, the type of the sent information corresponds only to the way that we provide the input. For example, if we type a word, only the word itself is delivered to the chat group; and if we choose an emoji, only the selected emoji is displayed in the chat group. This, however, results in monotonous chatting experience and makes it hard to strike a chord among the small coterie (within a group) who shares the knowledge and the context. Moreover, quick-increasing of emojis makes it hard and time-consuming for us to choose an appropriate emoji to express our current, real feelings. If the conversion between words, emojis, and other types of information to be sent is now cognitively recommended, the chatting experience will be made unprecedentedly fun and efficient while not complicating the existing chatting method. Core idea/Claims The core idea in this disclosure defines a method of customizing and prioritizing emojis integrated with cognitive and chat-related calculation for enhancing chatting experience on instant messaging applications. Note: “emoji” refers to various forms of elements in chat messages, including emoticons, images, catchy phrases, etc. The architecture of customizing and prioritizing emojis is comprised of the following key components for the cognitive and context-based calculation:

1. Instant emoji-in-chat-group analyzer 2. Dynamic emoji prioritizer

Based on the architecture of cognitive and chat-related calculation, the method can:

• Calculate the relevance of emojis sent to the chatting context and chat messages

• Suggest emojis in the order of their likelihood to be selected by the user during the chat

Claim points are:

1. Emoji relevance score is calculated against context analysis results, chat participants, the chat context, user habits, etc.

2. Emojis are customized based on instant content analyzer and user preferences. 3. Emojis are prioritized and dynamically recommended based on the relevance


By using the invention above, chatting experience on instant messaging applications can be improved because of a more intelligent emoji management mechanism and hence handier use of emojis. Detailed description The following scenario walks you through how to utilize our invention to send emoticons/images in a group chat more easily and accurately: Scenario:

An instant messaging group named Team activities has a group of colleaguess who chat about the team lunches often. And they talked about the kinds of food they liked and did not like. Today, the group is chatting about the next team lunch idea. During the chats, Eddie (a group member) sent an image of his favorate food, which is very spicy. Other group members express their opinions about this suggestion by picking the images suggested by th...