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Wearable Device for Measuring Social Interactions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252450D
Publication Date: 2018-Jan-12
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Wearable Device for Measuring Social Interactions People often are concerned about spending enough time with children, a spouse, and other family and friends. Business people realize the importance of networking with others. The value of face-to-face discussions with customers and clients is also helpful in business relationships (i.e., in selling). However, there needs to exist a means to measure these interactions so that a user can identify areas of improvement. The novel contribution is a wearable device (or a cell phone application) that measures and reports the user’s interactions with other people. It measures the amount of time spent in proximity to one or more other people. It measures the amount of talking with other people (e.g., face-to-face, phone, and text based/texting). It then reports this information so that the user can measure and improve interactions with others. To implement this system in a preferred embodiment:

1. The user wears various sensors/applications as per current practices 2. The sensors monitor the user’s interactions with other people

A. Physical interaction B. Verbal interaction C. Phone D. Online E. Texting

3. The user looks at the application to visualize/view the performance of interaction 4. The system can be enhanced to allow user feedback. For example, if User A

knows that she did not interact with her son that often over the last couple days because he was on a school field trip, then the system can consider that absence when determ...